About the craftsman (silk maker)

About the craftsman (silk maker)



Having 35 years experience in natural dyes. The synergy in particular between high quality silk and natural dyes is especially attractive and when the silk matches the color, they become a strong presence with special features.

However, there is one special feature still to be added in order for the silk shawl to possess life and that is a beautiful lady. While wearing it under the light, the various colors such as madder red, gold, silver, light blue and pink on the silk shawl appear completely beautiful as if a fog in the light or the sheen in a portrait .



The process of dyeing is the opportunity to discover a beautiful special ambiance.



It is for those who are interested in a beautiful color to enjoy and express themselves with the sheen of the golden silk dyed with natural roses.This would be one attribute of our product.



We will deliver various colors to you which could be one of the reasons for you to look forward to meeting us.