Natural dye materials


1. Madder ·Rubia - madder red color and coral color - native to the fields and mountains. A creeping type of plant with reversed thorns, quadruple whorled egg-shaped leaves with long stem. It has light yellow or white florets in autumn. The roots are yellow-red and contain dyes such as alizarin. It can also be used as a hemostatic and an antipyretic agent.



1. Cochineal ・Dactylopius/coccus -  Purple and Rose pink - coccus, parasitic on cochineal and prickly pear cacti, has been bled and utilized as a dye agent since an ancient era of the Aztec and Inca empire etc. because the high content of the dye component contained in the insect. It’s been bled and used for dyes and food in Mexico, Peru and Canary Islands of Southern Spain etc.


1. Sophora ·Styphnolobium japonicum - yellow, bright green - native to China, it is planted as street trees and in gardens. The surface of the leaves are green and the undersides similar to felt in green-white color. In July, many white florets blossom and its nectar is an important source for insects such as bees. Young leaves are edible and contain a large quantity of rutin in its flowers and buds. Dried buds are also used as a hemostatic.



1. Roses ·Rosa - golden and silver color -The origin of the name is from the color of red described as "rhodon" in Greek and "rhodd" in Celtic, and as the Queen of flowers has been loved all over the world. It will turn to noble and beautiful color of gold or silver when silk is dyed with rose and is suitable for both men and women. We recommend to experience this special color to everyone.


1. Logwood ·Haematoxylum campechianum - black • navy blue - Originated in Mexico and Central America, the height of the wood is 3~10m and the color of flowers are yellow. The sap was used as a dye by the Mayas and it is still widely used due to it’s safety. The color of the logwood drains in to a river flow to dye to red in Campeche, Mexico. In the Gulf of Mexico, the sea is dyed in tricolor with the blue from the ocean and the white from sea spray.




1. Scutellaria ・Scutellaria baicalensis - yellow • brown- native to  Japan, northern China, Eastern Siberia and the Korean peninsula. Purple-red flowers bloom in summer, root color is yellow and the height is 30~60 cm.



1. Rosemary ·Rosmarinus officinalis / herb - green -The name is composed with the words of ‘ros’ (dew) and ‘marinus’ (sea), meaning of "well growth with being exposed from the dew and the sea.".The Mediterranean coast is its habitat. It is a symbol of memory in ancient Greece and there is an anecdote that students studied while wearing twigs of rosemary in their hair. It was also worn by the bride and handed out to the guests in wedding ceremony as a part of prayer for everlasting love.There is also other story of when the Virgin Mary was on route to Egypt, she put her coat on a white flower and in the next morning the flower turned to blue as it’s her coat. Thereafter, this herb has been called the "Rose of Maria’’.