Four types of Silk


Koishimaru is a special silk.

This cocoon is one-third to half size of the normal cocoons and the thickness of thread is also half size. It incredibly shines and has exceedingly good texture.It dyes well and stated as the highest grade silk.

The Japanese silk export has fallen from its position and has been completely away, as in 2017, from where the sericulture industry being promoted by the Imperial family used to be. Nevertheless the Empress still continues the sericulture that is the Empress’s strong sympathy and solidarity for the people who still continue the tradition within the country. The impetus desire of the Empress to keep and protect this tradition and savoir-faire of our beautiful sericulture has been acknowledged at least for one more generation. Currently, the practice by hand that is a similar method to Japanese silk maker used to do continues at the place of sericulture of Momijiyama in the Imperial palace, for two months in the spring or early summer and the Empress is involved in most of the process with the management staff in the intervals of her official work.



New Koishimaru

The Koishimaru (the dream silk) is improved and characterized as small cocoons and small amount of thin thread. 

The cocoons are bled in Usui region near the Mount Haruna in Gunma Prefecture. The new Koishimaru silk thread is light and soft with excellent dyeing properties and beautiful sheen on the surface.

The silk shawl with new Koishimaru has a superior texture utilizing for Yoryu or silk Habutae.



Bratac silk

BRATAC  Company

It contributes creating a shawl with color and glossy development property.

The advantage of this silk is the quality stability, comfortable touch of the texture and it aims for developing higher quality values.

Hermes is confident in this thread which is also managed by the brand through Japanese guidance with world-leading sericulture-spinning technology, and now unrivaled for quality. This silk is full of charm and gives you a feeling of confidence .



Silk product handling instructions

Silk product handling instructions



To avoid :

sweat and fruit juice which will be the cause of discoloration. Please wash the silk shawl immediately when it occurred. Spin for 1 minute and finish with iron before it dries.



Washing the silk shawl:

Use hand washing cycle in the washing machine with neutral detergent at home. Spin for 1 minute and do not dry. Place it on the ironing board, flatten and stretch the wrinkles and iron twice gently at moderate temperature because the moisture will not be evaporated by one ironning.

Using softener for preventing wrinkles and static electricity.